Autoshopsecrets is a informational and preventive maintenance site. Developed to assist the public in understanding automotive terminology to making cost effective automotive repairs decisions. Automotive repair is the most over priced consumer service in the United States. As vehicles become more and more difficult to work on,it's very important to know the basic vehicle functions. Preventive maintenance cost a fraction in compairson to vehicle break-down. Regular maintenance is the most important thing you can do to prevent break-down. Don't put yourself and family in danger by not keeping your car in good working order. Autoshopsecrets is sure the information in this site will be of great value to anyone visiting our site. For more information click SERVICES at the top left of this page.

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Autoshopsecrets is dedicated to assisting our site visitors with there automotive repair concerns. We understand that your vehicle is essential and repairs prices are outragous. Be informed ask questions, even take pictures. With todays economical climate and gasoline and oil at a all time high. Now more than ever regular maintenance is a must. Don't put off tune-ups and oil change and check tire pressure . If at all possible do some research before you go to the service center. Check and see what local shops labor rates are and compared then to other shops in the area. Most important be informed, listen and ask questions. Get more than two estimates if possible remember that there fighting for your business. A well informed consumer usally gets the best service and price.